Joy of LOVE (Day 5)

To practice my photo skills more, I decided to join a blog group, JOY of LOVE, where daily assignments are emailed to you for the entire month of February. Obviously I am a few days late, but at least I am starting somewhere. I really want to have something to do in my days other than kids, kids and well kids. :)

But who am I kidding!?! I have 5!!! So that is my life. :) As a matter of fact that is most likely going to be the main subjects of all my photos, right? Right. So I guess this is just a way that my mothering can evolve as well as journaling?

They're cute and I LOVE them so, I'll take it.

The theme for today is "what you LOVE to HATE" and although those words don't normally go well together, for this post they will.


I absolutely LOVE this cute little thing! Laney is the apple of our family's eye, but she has a mind of her own. For weeks, no months, we have had the problem of her standing up whenever we eat. Yelling and forcing her to sit is not working. Bribery with food is obviously not working either. Of course I know Cheerios aren't much of a bribe, but this was during breakfast and nutty bars aren't on the menu that early. :)

Her constant standing up scares me half to death for many reasons, one in particular is that this toddler is into jumping. It doesn't matter where she is. It can be at the top of the stairs or on the couch, but she loves to, in her own words or rather Dora's words, "Salta!" Yes, my almost 2 year old is speaking Spanish from a TV show. It is quite impressive.

I am not sure that there is a quick remedy to this. I have not had a girl that loved to do this so much, but I am sure that it is a phase. At least that is the lie I have to keep telling myself so that I can go on functioning. Or maybe I should look at it in a new light. Maybe, just maybe, she will be our future Trampoline Olympian. Ahhhh, that sounds much better and makes it possibly more tolerable.


SkyBlueSeed said...

Beautiful shot and love the lighting in this! My toddler is at this stage too :)

Karen said...

Fun. I am glad you are doing this too. Love to hate...seriously tough. I love little Laney. And that is a cool pic.

hope said...

That is a great photo! That scared me constantly as well... Skylah was our dare devil.

kg said...

I look forward to seeing your loves. And I enjoyed your high school pics :)

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