Photostory Friday: High School

When I say High School, I am sure that many cringe at the very idea! "NEVER again" is what I hear frequently.

It was an awkward time of life for most of us, but I think we would all agree that there are definitely some great memories to be found amongst all the acne, locker decorations, grades, studying and drama! I was pretty lucky in that I graduated from the same High School, and I mean SAME building and everything, as my dad, Uncles and most cousins. It is a little weird, but it is also awesome because I LOVE that connection with my family and my kids think its cool! When my kids think its cool then I KNOW it is cool! :)


This is from a senior scrapbook I had bought, so I was NOT in love with a Kevin. :)
I had moved to Georgia from Minnesota. I was raised in TEXAS! My heart still swells with that pride and gratitude for my State that I grew up in, when I say the name! :) It was a hard transition to move North. It was nice to move back to the South that I knew, at least thought I knew. You see Texas is its own flavor of the South and though I grew up with a southern culture and going to Georgia frequently, I still didn't fully know that part of the South.

Upon moving down to Georgia I was hanging out with some cousins when a girl walked by and one of the cousins said "That giiiirl is RURNT!" Puzzled and a bit confused I asked "Did you just say Vern?" Laughter broke out and it wouldn't be the last time nor the last misunderstanding.

Smiling she said, "No....ruuuuuurnt!"

After a few more measly attempts at trying to understand, and laughter at my expense, she said "You Yanks would say RUINED!"

The light bulb went off, "Ahhh! I get it! HEY! That is SO not what you said!"  :) After I told this story to my husband he didn't believe me. It had to of been just my cousin taht said weird things like that. I was so offended! :) Then when we were in a small southern town in the beginning of our marriage, a long, long time ago, he heard it! He had to apologize and I am forever smiling over his face when he told me HIS story of that word! :)
 Back to my past...

One day, after running inside, breathless from the long driveway where the bus dropped me off, I went straight for the fridge. Right there in front of my face was a large and I mean LARGE pickling jar full of pigs feet! They still had SKIN! After my face turned green there was more laughter and my cousin grabbed one for a snack. *gag* Probably on purpose....family!

Though there are some things that are a bit different in the deep South (cause Texas is a bit different and the NORTH is its own place :)). It is my heritage and I LOVE that I am able to have many a fond memory there. I have been going to and from Georgia since I was a baby, for Family Reunions and other family fun. It is my home away from home. It is where I enjoyed my last year of High School!


The South really is where I prefer to be, but one of my closest friends, David, always loved to call me "Yankee" cause the North was not only where I had come there from, but it had corrupted my accent. I have to mention that the joke about small town Georgia is that anything North of Atlanta is yank-ville! :)


There was a time that I was mad at a friend and she bought some powder donuts and chocolate milk as a peace offering cause she knew about my addiction that I loved them. It worked! We went out the next weekend.

All through High School I was in LOVE with Tom Cruise. He won me over at a young age in "Risky Business" then "Top Gun" and "Far and Away". I am embarressed to say how much I watched the last movie. *blush* My sophomore year I had tons of magazine cut outs on my wall of him, Jonathan Brandis, Joey Lawrence...the list could go on. Ahhhh, to be young again. :)


Some of these are not quite so true about me anymore. I am not 18 years young anymore. *tear* Nor am I 115 pounds as my little Bria pointed out to me when reading this. She said, "You are SO not that weight anymore, mom!" She knows how to make you feel good about yourself. :) My other daughter told me that I was immodest. Leave it to your kids to tell you how it truly is. :)

Oh and my eyes really are Hazel. Don't ask why I put down brown. I guess its cause that is what they put on my driver's license.


Senior Prom was a blast! We went out with 10 other couples.


I still remember this day. Getting ready with the help of a friend, talking to my Aunt and when David first walked in as I walked down the stairs...in heels for the first time! I was so happy I didn't trip. That would not have been pretty. I still remember the feel of the dress rubbing against the pantyhose...it reminded me of why I hate wearing them.



This is our 10 year class reunion. We are hitting our 15 years soon! It makes me feel OLD!


There I am in my orange sparkly shirt! It was great to see a few of the friends I had then. I ended up winning the "Most Kids" award! :) I hadn't had my 5th yet and I wonder what looks I would have received when that number would have been said...the looks and gasps I received for the 4, was quite comical.

We still go a few times a year with the kids to visit my home away from home. They have seen my old stomping grounds and know SOME of the stories about mommy's school days. I am grateful for the good memories that prevail despite the not so good things that happen in life and that I was able to get an up close and personal experience of the DEEP South. Where you may know everyone's business, see deer heads hanging proudly on the walls in homes and where family and friends are near and dear. There is no other place on earth I'd rather be from (aside from TEXAS)!

If I had to do it all over again, and not so sure that I would, I would ask that I know then what I know now! :) If only!

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kellibattraw said...

You couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school! You may not be the same size but you are just as beautiful : )

Lisa said...

Being a transplant! Something I know about!!!

BUT! we were not from Texas! You got off lucky :) We moved to South Carolina from...gasp!!! BOSTON Massachusetts!They called us "Damn Yankee" and when they found out we were Catholic it got worse...My whole family was known as those ..."Damn Catholic Yankees who where going to straight to Hell!"

Yaaaa, Catholics from Boston!Not a good mix growing up in the South!!! YICKS!!!!! :)

High school reunion. . .I wouldn't even consider it.

I hope you have a wonderful time...and your pictures are just beautiful!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Fun post, Sharon!

scrappysue said...

it's so cool that you have all those memories, and yes - after having lived in georgia for but a short time - there is DEFINITELY something unique about the deep south!!!

Cecily R said...

What fun memories! Your kids will LOVE looking through that stuff in a few years. :)

Coffee Break Mama said...

Oh, what a fun walk down memory lane - I should totally do this sometime! I enjoyed your post :)

Sara said...

It's fun to reminisce about high school...occasionally. I've met very few people who want to relive it. I had no idea about your obsession with powdered donuts! No wonder I always see a bag of them whenever I've come over.

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