I LOVE Family

We did it! Yesterday we took 7 of the 8 of us to Old Navy. AND we survived! The store was packed! Apparently they were having a few big hit sale promotions going on, but we all endured and made it out alive...and still smiling. This is what it was like in our car on the way to and from the store and possibly the main reason we left still smiling.

We were doing a Space Odyssey with each kid in command of something. We had a Weapons Officer (Bria), New Weapons Specialist (Heath) and a Navigation Officer (Alyssa). Dad was Commander at the wheel. Laney and Ansley were special cargo. All yellow cars were the enemy. Old Navy was the enemy's headquarters. Our Navigation Officer made sure we knew the enemy's plans from her network of spies. Apparently her spies were able to wire her the map and info. before never being heard from again. They sacrificed their lives for a greater cause...getting clothing for our kids. :)

I LOVE my family!

Here are a few other videos I recommend viewing too.

Video 2


hope said...

So THAT'S how you get your family to go somewhere in one vehicle and survive!!! I was wondering!!

Sara said...

I think you are SUPERwoman to attempt Old Navy on a Saturday during the holidays. What a creative and fun way to get everyone involved!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Way to go! It sounds like you even had fun. :)

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