Our Little Mama is 11!

Today Alyssa is 11!


This year Alyssa has really blossomed into her own little person. She is enjoying homeschool and the freedom to learn in an environment where she can explore ideas and subjects that she is interested in as well as going on field trips. She really loves History and Science. We have been doing a lot of hands on Physics experiments that get her excited for the next one and in History we are learning about the Medieval Ages where they designed their own castles, inside and out (she LOVED that).

Here are 5 things that stand out to Alyssa about her 2011 (in her own words):

1. Saw my new baby sister being born. It was AWESOME!
2. We started homeschool with ALL the kids this year! I LOVE having them home with me.
3. I have been learning to crochet and have a few sewing projects that I would like to do. I also made my    own pillowcase with my Grandma.
4. I went and saw the last Harry Potter movie with a friend and my parents.
5. Went out with my grandparents to an Indian restaurant and spent the night with them for my birthday! I LOVE Indian food!

Happy Birthday to our little mama!


Sara said...

Can't believe she's 11. She was 5 when we moved here! I remember your cute little family so well. She loooks adorable in the striped sweater; I'm glad you got it. Happy Birthday Alyssa!

hope said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!! You are like a sweet breath of fresh air!

Karen said...

Hard to believe. Happy Birthday Alyssa. Hope your day is fantastic.

Quincy Sorensen said...

Happy birthday to the sweetest 11-year-old! Alyssa chose such fun things to share.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, and adorable niece!

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