Home is where the heart is!!!

Last night was a CRAZY busy night. I had a field trip that I left for at 3 p.m which took about 30 min. to get to and ended at 5:30. Then I had a make-up class at 6. So I was gone from 3-8:30, boy was I tired, I think I am officially getting old because I ached from standing for so long at the store and then sitting at school! The joys of gravity and oldness! ;) Our field trip was to an antique store, which is fun, but I am not an antiquer, at least not for the furn! Give me a nice reproduction for say...half the price and I'm good! :)

Anyways, when i turned the corner before my house I noticed that my front door looked kind of...well different! It had something all over it and I couldn't figure out what it was until I reached the half way point!

My husband had paid the young women (for their fund raiser for camp) and they heart attacked me for Valentine's! He was so sweet and thoughtful and made me feel happy to be home! :) I am not normally one for chocolate or flowers (even though they are sweet and thoughtful, too), but this made my day! Here are the roses with kisses in the ends!

So, Happy Valentine's to y'all! Go give that loved one some sugar!


Rose said...

Tyson is so sweet! That is awesome

Lisa said...

It looks great!! Aren't thoughful hubby's great???

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