Thank you, Sara for the tag. It gave me something to blog about!

How long have you been together? 10 years.
How long did you date? you know, mormon standard time, about 3 months give or take :)
How old is he? Turning 32 in April
Who eats more? depends on hwat it is...regular food, Tyson. Icecream, me hands down! ;)
Who said "I love you" first? Tyson and he is usually the first to say sorry, too.
Who is taller? Tyson, but not by much...I match him in heels.
Who sings better? he is sooo talented in music, but I would say me, and no I am not a first soprano...a.ka. DIVA! LOL
Who is smarter? Tyson is book smart and knows all these facts, don't know where he gets them, but it can be cool. I am the street savvy one!
Who does the laundry? I do! He shrunk a dress of mine 3 times.! It used to hit my ankle and ended up right below the knee! Bless his heart! Those were the days he was trying to help out!
Who does the dishes? Both, though Tyson has some complex and THINKS he is the one that does the most! ;)
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, habit from being pregnant...need to be the closest to the bathroom!
Who pays the bills? Not me!
Who mows the lawn? Tyson usually does, but I actually like doing that sort of stuff!
Who cooks dinner? We both try to take turns. He has certain days and so do I, but we don't always stick to that.
Who is more stubborn? Hate to say it, but probably me, though he has his moments
Who kissed who first? Tyson kissed me first.
Who asked who out? He did, but I asked him to do a service project with me before that, but it wasn't a "date".
Who is more sensitive? Depends on what we are talking about.
Who has more friends? friends that we hang out with would be me
Who has more siblings? Me, I have a huge mix of family! Let's just say I claim 9 siblings :) If you know me, you'll know the whole story! :)
Who wears the pants in the relationship? I'm the neck, baby! I turn the head where I want it to go and he believes he wears the pants! LOL
Who are you tagging? all my friends that might be interested in letting us know a bit more about them!


Tyson said...

Sharon KNEW this would beg a response. I have to defend myself.
* "How old is he?" I think the real question is "How young is he?"
* Sharon has a better voice quality, but I am usually more on pitch. She's a diva wanna-be and she knows it.
* I have to admit Sharon is right in her comment about street smarts.
* (sigh) I shrunk the dress back when we were first married. I've learned my lesson and no longer shrink dresses. Sharon was the one that shrunk my Old Navy jacket only a year ago, right sweetie?
* I am the one that does most of the dishes. Sharon has gotten better, but still leaves me the pots and pans.
* Cooking dinner: we take turns, but I think I enjoy cooking more. Last night I made swiss steak. Sharon would prefer most evenings to throw in a frozen pizza or something, but she does have her moments.
* Sharon definitely has more friends - I'm too much of a loner. I tend to have lots of good acquaintances that I'm very fond of.
* I wear the pants - no question, but any wise husband listens, at least occasionally, to the counsel of his wife. :)

shari said...

Sharon is right!! Tyson you are showing your complex about the dishes!!

hope said...

I love it!! I don't know what I love more though, Tyson's response or the original.

Lisa said...

I keep learning more and more about you...and I still like you!! You and your hubby are great!!

Lisha said...

Fun, fun! I loved reading yours (and Tyson's) responses!

Sara said...

Both responses were great! I particularly enjoyed the laundry stories!

danakat said...

Maybe Tyson should start his own blog... ;)

Sharon said...

ha ha ha, Tys! You are old...just admit it and move on! :) I only shrunk the jacket because most old navy stuff is ok in the dryer and I didn't think it'd go crazy on me! :)

The dish complex is apparent and it looks like you are developing a cookin' one too since you had to throw in what you had made the other night!LOL And what is wrong with throwing a frozen pizza in the oven? ;)

I agree Tys needs a rebuttle blog! ha ha ha!

snbjork said...

You guys crack me up! Why did you have to go and be in another ward???!

By the way, Sharon, you might want to order a Pampered Chef smooth-edge can opener from Kelli Battraw to prevent any further injuries. Especially considering that Tyson says he loves to cook so much! Ha!

I love that you are so bold and say whatever is on your mind. It's so fun to read about you! You guys should totally come over to play sometime.

danakat said...

Hi, Blogslacker.
Just wanted to harass you.
I know you're busy, but you gotta blog something. How about some of your projects? Or more smack-talk about Tyson? We all love that. :)

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