Still alive...barely!

Ok, I know it has been forever since I last posted and it still may be sometime before I do again because I am busy with final projects for 3 classes! It has been CRAZY busy! And one of my lovely children messed up a half way finished board of mine this morning with lovely pencil. Sure I could erase it and be fine, BUT he ruined the rub on lettering! He has kept his life, this time! :)

So, now I am off to the store to get more boards and lettering! I will post my projects probably sometime next week. Wish me luck and look forward to the unveiling next week some time!


danakat said...

Seriously? They messed with your board? I am so sorry!
But was it really Tyson?
He is such a pest. ;)

Can't wait to see your finished projects! Good Luck!

karen said...

Oh no! What a mess. I am sure I would have lost it. Good for you for keeping him alive!!

Lacey Freeman said...

OH MAN! That would STRESS me out and that is totally something Chase would do! Good luck with it all! I want to see em!

Tyson said...

Hey, that's nothing compared to what the dog did last night. Poor Sharon. The dog came in from a walk and actually got some light mud onto her board. It was my fault for not being smart enough to put the gate up. Misha came in and was standing next to me and I told him to get back. Well, stupid me, dogs don't really have a reverse gear - they only go forward, so he put a paw on her board and I push him off hard and fast. Sharon was able to get the mud off with a wet paper towel for the most part, but we were both scared white (Sharon for her class, me for my life!). I was able to help her put it back in order though and put on some lettering.

hope said...

Oh, No!!! I am so sorry. (Shawn has been telling me to stop saying that lately, because I am always telling people I am sorry when it isn't my fault and now I am just rambling, so I will quit... sorry.)
Darn doggy paws and toddler pencil marks!!! We must have a play date over Spring Break!!!

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