Tyson's "Show Me the Money!" Survey

First of all, for those who came here exclusively to listen to Sharon, prepare for a sore disappointment: this is Tyson. And no, I don't go by Darling - so don't even go there.

But, I do have something for you - how about taking a survey!

Sharon and I use what has been called the budget register method for finances for years, but couldn't ever find a feature like it in financial software. I made a little program that we've been using for years (many of you know this already). I wanted to see if there's enough demand for this kind of software to make it into a serious endeavor, so I am running a survey to find out.

Take the survey now! And please pass it on to friends and/or relatives that you think would be interested; I need as many responses as I can get. Thanks!

(To copy the link, you can copy the link by copying and pasting the link up top, or you can right click and select "Copy shortcut" or "Copy link location".)

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