White Trash For the Soul

This is a VERY nummy, stick to your hips kind of dessert(theres something about salty and sweet that just becomes addicting)! I first ate it at my family reunion this year. They call it "White Trash"! Yanks call it "Snowman Poop"(those crude yankees-hee hee) ;)!

How to make:

2 c. honey nut chex
2 c. pretzel sticks(I break mine into smaller pieces)
2c. peanuts or cashews
2 c. m&m's
3 bags white chocolate chips

Step 1:
Mix all dry ingredients in a Lg. bowl
Step 2:
Melt chips in the microwave or on the stove and pour into bowl with dry ingredients.
Step 3:
Pour out mixture onto 2 cookie sheets, pizza pans, etc. and refrigerate until hardened.
Step 4: Remove from fridge and break mixture apart. Then EAT!!! Of course you could just eat it straight from th pan or the fridge as it is hardening, but I would stick to the directions if you are giving it away(why would you do that!?!) or watching the waist line! :)


hope said...

Hey now!! I resent the Yankee comment!!

Just kidding. I guess I still love you. Afterall, I do prefer the southern style bacon now. I grew up with it crispy and brown.

I prefer Yankee Reindeer Poop!! Chex, chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar. But that Snowman Poop (I am from AZ, so what am I???? Yankee or Rebel??) looks good, too.

Jenni said...

Um... being a CA kid does that make me a yank or a reb? Either way though I am glad to report that this is the only way to eat poop - crow, well, i'm still trying to figure out how to eat that - it sure ain't easy! This looks/sounds delish - might have to make me some. Oh and.... Hope is so confused ;-) the chex mix thingy she is talking about is called puppy chow!

Lacey Freeman said...


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