H.I.T List--Tackling that Clutter

I hate having cluttered closets, drawers or cabinets. I make my kids clean out their dresser drawers about every month and I go through them monthly and sometimes more than that myself. It just drives me nuts when things are shoved in all those nooks and crannies (it's amazing what they can actually fit inside those tiny drawers...they should be packing experts), especially to where you can't close the drawers!

Another place where clutter can bug the heck outta me is the bathroom! My hubby and I haven't always had a huge bathroom and the one we have is the biggest we've ever had and probably ever want (I hate cleaning bathrooms)! So we are limited on cabinet space and my stuff tends to take over! :) So awhile back I decided to get a nice big tackle/craft box and put all my make-up and everyday use things in there. It's great because when we go on trips I just throw my meds in there and its all done and I just have to throw it back under the sink when we come back from our trip! I loved it so much that I bought one for my girl's hair stuff! It saves drawer space and they can grab it quickly to have me do their hair before school and the clips are with the clips, barrettes with barrettes and so on! So go tackle that bathroom with a tackle box and I am sure there are several other things you can do with a tackle/craft box so let me know what you have done! I am always open to more organization ideas! Now I just have to organize my time and chore days better! :)


Amy said...

A woman after my own heart!!! I love things to be organized like this. Seeing the tackle box picture just delighted me. Love it. What a great idea.

Birdie said...

Mine is similar. It's stackable ones. The top one has only makeup I wear everyday, which isn't alot. And the bottom one is the rest of my makeup that I don't wear everyday (fancy stuff). It's light and easy to carry. I love it!

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