Road Trip Adventures

My sister bought a newer used car before we ended up going outta town for my Uncle's funeral and had the dealership check everything over and over again and her low tire light kept going off and they said it does that sometimes in weather changes (I had no idea what the light meant so I had no idea the tire was low) and at 80 mph that baby was HOT and man what a blow out we ended up having! Thank goodness no accident! We ended up having to turn back to my Uncle D's to stay the night until the next morning so we could get it fixed.

During the funeral procession I was really impressed with the respect shown. All traffic stopped on the roads we traveled! Soldiers and police officers in uniform and some teens got out of their cars with hand over heart to pay respect! I LOVE good ol' Southern manners! We went back to my Dad's after and one of my Uncle's church prepared us a dinner and tons of family and friends I had never met myself showed up at the house with food and their condolences! The people really pulled together and it showed me how important it is to mourn with those who mourn!

During our visit many of the family went hunting which made Chad pretty jealous...he's determined to go next time! My brother went and shot his first deer and my cousin who had gone with him had one and they let my sister and I have it and we got it processed and ended up coming home with 65 pounds! All the kids are excited to take a bite...Tys too! My sister tried her hand at hunting (I know it surprised me too)! She didn't get anything this time. They also had an interesting adventure! They stepped 5 ft. from a rattler! My sister's hearing isn't the best and it wasn't rattling very loudly (probably due to the cold), but my cousin heard something and made them stop! My cousin shot it (near the head) and they left it for 2 hours thinking it was dead! When they came back it was 2 feet from where they had shot it! The dang thing was playing possum even when they had come back to check it out! They took a stick and poked it and boy did that make it MAD (which isn't hard to do)! My cousin was afraid to shoot it again because she thought the gun she had would shoot it hard enough where it'd ricochet off the ground. So when my other cousin showed up he shot it with his pistol! Needless to say someone is getting a nice snake belt for Christmas!

It was nice to see all the family and listen to all the Uncle's tell their boy hood stories and to remember our Uncle who passed and see him through their eyes!

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Kim Mayfield said...

I'm glad everyone was safe... what's left of that tire looks nasty!!

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