Happy 8 Birthday Alyssa

My baby girl is 8!!!!!!

What can I say about this little girl? I had a post for her b-day last year that really sums up how I feel about her with lots of pics! Read it here.

Here is Alyssa's "I AM"~ She did this herself with no prompting! I just typed for her!!!

I am . . . kind and nice
I think . . . I talk too much
I want . . . it to snow EVERY day on my birthday
I have . . . a toy pup I got at piano
I miss . . . Smokey (our cat)
I fear . . . that snakes will come outta no where and bite me
I feel . . . loved
I hear . . . that Jesus is coming back to Earth
I smell . . .dog
I crave . . . Ramen noodles, cookies and sweets
I cry . . . when people make fun of me
I search . . . for kittens and other strays (mom had no idea...please no more animals~ha ha)
I wonder . . . about the world and how it got there
I regret . . . I lied when I was little
I wish . . . we had puppies
I love . . . everything in the world
I care . . . for poor families
I always . . . like time with my family
I worry . . . about us running out of money
I am not . . . perfect
I remember . . . almost everything
I believe . . . that Jesus will come again
I know . . . Jesus died for us
I sing . . . a lot and my brother doesn't always like it
I don't always . . . be nice
I argue . . . with my brother because he starts it
I write . . .stories and other things
I lose . . .my temper like Chad
I listen . . . to the Scriptures being read with my family
I can . . . climb a lot like a monkey
I need . . . to learn about the Scriptures
I forget . . . to make my bed
I am happy . . . to be here on Earth


danakat said...

Happy Birthday, Lyssa-Lou!
We LOVE you!!!
And thanks for having snow on your birthday...we have really enjoyed it!

See you Wednesday at Activity Days! K is VERY excited. :)

Quincy Sorensen said...

Happy birthday, Alyssa! We love you!

Hannah Marshall said...

Oh gosh! I remember when that girly was born! I can't believe she's 8!! I miss her very much.. Tell her that when she turns 12 and I have kids she better babysit like i babysat her cute tush! :)

kellibattraw said...

What absolutely adorable pictures. She is a beauty, like her mommy. : )
Happy birthday to Alyssa!

karen said...

Wow. I can't believe she is 8! What a fun post! She's a keeper.

snbjork said...

Aw, that was so sweet. Happy (late) Birthday, Alyssa!!!

Brandt said...

Ok, I left a comment, now you can stop bugging me. Nice pics as always. If only the rest of the world could see you as I do

Wendyrful said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Alyssa! It's great to be 8!

Lacey Freeman said...

I LOVE that first picture of her...too cute...she totally is looking like a model! I love her list...she came up with some great answers!

Happy Birthday!

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