Blog Makeover: A work in Progress

I am going to do a blog make over in the next couple of weeks. I wish that I had the time to do it all in one day, but if I am on the computer for more than a hour or two, I start to feel unproductive and grumpy, so it is just going to be a work in progress over a period of time.

There are so many things that I am starting to learn about blog design and digital scrapbooking and I want to get that down more and then really put my full effort into the blog. SO, for now (not that it matches a ton) I have put a valentines header up and eventually will have my blog all done nicely before spring hits. Here are all the headers I have ever done. You can really tell that I have learned a lot over time, but I know there are even more things to learn. Tell me which one(s) you liked and why! Hope to see what y'all think!!!

This was my very first attempt at one! I really liked the general idea of it, but wished at the time to be able to know how to work it more towards what I really had in my minds eye and keep it from being too primitive, but HEY you live you learn! :) And yes Alyssa eats her cone from the bottom up! Silly child!
I played around more with frames and adding text on this one!

I really loved this one and kept it up forever because I loved it! I really liked the background! These pics are some of my favorites from a trip we made to Jekyll Island. We had a great time even though our hotel was overpriced and under maintained! ;)

Around Christmas I wanted to do a blog makeover and had my hubby help me add something and he ended up messing up my entire blog background and that is when I decided to go ahead and put this up and get a different background. I also wanted to put up the pics that Kim had done for us!

I just wanted to be festive for Valentines day and decided that this one would work until I get the entire blog redone! This is one of my favorite pics of me and Tys!


Amy said...

You have got skills! I've noticed that every header gets better and better! I'm still really in love with your Christmas one. I just heart the background paper on that one. Look forward to seeing what you do next!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Your blog looks fantastic as is.

Julie said...

Too cute! I still love the holiday one! I do mine usually in one day...and I'm very unproductive. I guess I should be cleaning...but makeovers are so much more fun... :)

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