Happy Birthday Bria!

Bria is 6 now! Here are 5 things I LOVE about her:
  1. Her positive attitude towards life. You can't get her down for long! She LOVES people and life!
  2. She can be a spitfire, but is very tender hearted!
  3. You can see the love she has for her family and looks forward to being a big sis again!
  4. is determined when she really wants something. She has been reading chapter books and started reading in the beginning of Kindergarten all because she wanted to do it on her own!
  5. She always says she wants to look like me and wanted a hair cut like mine, but I convinced her not to get bangs! :)

She did the next little poem and was SO excited to do it that she was jumping up and down saying "This will be so much FUN!!!"

I am . . . kind and nice
I think . . . my dog is funny
I want . . . a neopet
I have . . . 2 cats
I miss . . . Granddaddy
I fear . . . ghosts
I feel . . . the Holy Ghost
I hear . . . Misha eating
I smell . . .food
I crave . . . meat
I cry . . . when Heath pinches me
I search . . . space
I wonder . . . if we are going to have another baby after this one
I regret . . . hitting my little brother
I wish . . . I were a dog
I love . . . my mommy (followed by a hug--Awwww!)
I care . . . about my dad
I always . . . do what my mom says (that's what she thinks ;))
I worry . . . about homework
I am not . . . scared
I remember . . . when I had fun with daddy
I believe . . . Jesus is true
I know . . . the Gospel is true
I sing . . . a lullaby to baby Laney
I don't always . . . hit my little brother
I argue . . . with my big brother
I write . . .in my journal
I lose . . .my toys
I listen . . . to my mom
I can . . . feel the Holy Ghost
I need . . . to be Baptized
I forget . . . about cleaning my room (boy, does she!)
I am happy . . . that Laney is COMING!


kg said...

She is such a cutie!

Hannah Marshall said...

I love this little girl so much and I can't believe she is 6 years old! I remember my mom telling the chicken joke in the hospital when she was born... hahaha... anyways, she's beautiful and I love her!

karen said...

Happy Birthday cutie! (And happy tax. I don't think I'll ever forget her day!)

Wendyrful said...

Happy Happy Birthday Bria!!!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday, Bria! I hope that you have a very special day.

kellibattraw said...

Too cute! Happy birthday Bria!

kmmclain said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sara said...

I love the little poem. Her answers are straight from the heart!

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