First Day

On Heath's first day of pre-school it was raining and the rain was not winning any friends with my kid! On his way into the school building he said "It's s'posed to be SUNNY!" and continued pouting and saying "It's not s'posed to be raining when I go to school!" After a few questions from me and honest answers from him I soon realized that he had big dreams for the playground that day!

Overall he had a good first day aside from the fact that when his fellow students were packing up he decided that he didn't want to do it. His teacher, who had Bria and Lys before, said that he wouldn't be able to leave until he packed up! When I entered the room he had his stubborn face on so I thought...great what has he done now! and as soon as he saw me BIG tears rolled down his pinchable cheeks! He said "She not let me go home with you"! Mrs. C and I talked with him and were able to convince him that he was going to go home with me, but he had to do what she asked first.

Since then he has been doing much better!

This is the ONLY smile face I was able to get from him that morning.

The rest were all silly faces...his trademark! :)

Last year I was home alone during Heath's preschool time. This year I am back in my element with another kid! Laney is so fun! Heath loves having another sibling home...though I am sure he wishes she were old enough to play with him! :)

It was THAT kind of morning and Laney made do with jammies!

Laney-bug is drooling all over! Soaks through her clothing, bibs...you name it! We also love giving her kisses as much as she loves giving them herself...drool and all!


Amy said...

That smile from Heath is so sweet.:) BTW. I love Laney's jammies!!!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

My heavens at all the babies. How are you friend?

Lisa said...

So cute!

Organized Nutrition said...

OH, those are the days.... Preschool, such a big jump closer to grade school!!!!!
I am all alone with my 3 yr old daily this year... poor girl... no one to play with!

Sara said...

I see you decided to get the Transformer backpack. Riley would be so jealous!

snbjork said...

Wow, Heath is getting to big!!! I, too, love Laney's pajamas. They're so cute!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Your kiddos are SO CUTE! I hope the first day went well! Have a great Wednesday!!

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