On Cloud 9

Over the weekend here in Huntsville they had a "Fly In" at a small airport, Moontown, where every year hundreds of planes from all over come together and let kids from 8-18 fly free! This was a MUST for us and something we had been planning on for a few weeks to go to. Of course Heath and Bria weren't very happy that they were under the age, but Tys explained to them the night before that these were the rules and they would soon get a turn because their Grandpa was renewing his pilot's license and would take them up when he could. That seemed to appease them.

Chad was not able to make it in time to fly because he came later with a friend. So he will have to wait as well, but Alyssa was all EXCITEMENT! She called me right after she had been up in the air and said "IT WAS SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" My little mama LOVES to fly and has quite the adventurous streak in her! I knew there was a little me in there somewhere!

Since life has been pretty rough lately, my sweet hubby who is need of a break himself, took ALL the kids (even Laney) to the fun day so I could get a little break to get some needed things done! So these loverly pics are from him! I was able to run some much needed errands and get some more sewing done for our city's Street Festival. More on that in a later post! :)

I can feel the excitement!

On their way up to the sky!

Miss Adventure!

The gals with their Grandpa and the type of plane he has been flying!


kg said...

Looks like fun! What a nice treat for you (some alone time :)!

Shaunte' Smith said...

how fun!! glad they had a blast!

Sara said...

I'll have to remember that in a few years when Riley turns 8. ANd how nice for you to get a break!

karen said...

I agree this was a lot of fun and really neat for the kids. I can't wait till next year.

snbjork said...

What a fun thing for Alyssa to get to do with her Grandpa! I've never heard of this event. Sounds awesome.

Isn't it pure heaven to have the house to yourself and to get to have some time with no one needing your attention?! It's the best medicine.

CC said...

We went to a Fly-In once and it was great!! But never up in a small plane :)

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