Sundays at our House

Not every Sunday is full of laughter and sweetness in our house. Sometimes our Sundays are busy while others are not very well planned at all and we end up not doing as much as we could and probably should be doing.

So on one of our Monday family nights for our "family business part" of our evening we asked the kids what they would like to do more on our Sundays and with their ideas and our planning skills we have played more games together, laughed more, wrestled more, called family members and friends more, and kept the house looking more decent on Sundays. It hasn't completely cured the sibling rivalry or the outbursts of frustration from mommy and daddy when someone doesn't listen, nor the dread of Monday morning cleaning, but it has made it less boring for the kids who for awhile said they didn't like Sundays. So now I think this is becoming one of their favorite days aside from Monday nights! (Warning: Lots of pics)!

For some reason my kids love to get me pinned. Luckily I can still take on several of them at a time (my dad and brothers taught me well)! :)

The mischievous grin from Heath says it all...

...soon he will be big enough to pin Bria!

The girls love to dress Laney-bug up!

This is her "Repunzel" hair! ;) Though they all enjoyed making pirate jokes for her! :)

Laney has discovered the joys of playing with Misha hair the dog!
Even Misha gets in on the action!

This is another thing we enjoyed on our Sunday...messing with Mr. Man's hair! He is such a ham!

Poor Chad was taking a nap during all of this because he was home sick!


Organized Nutrition said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had so much fun!!!
We used to do family night on wednesdays, but with school being busy and our 6 yr old going to bed at 7:30 (Jim doesn't get home until 5:30) it has been HARD to do it... Might have to RE-prioritize and figure things out... cause 1 hour of fun is Better than NONE!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Looks like Sunday afternoons are quite fun at your house! Laney is getting so big and soooo cute! Miss you!

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