I ♥ learning and My First EVER Giveaway!

 This Give Away is closed! Winners have been chosen!

I love to find fun things to sew, crochet or just plain do with my hands! I have now been sewing for 12 years! I had sewn a little in school for Home Ec. when I was in the 8th grade, but never much more than a pillow and let me tell ya, Satin with a lace overlay is one hard little booger to work with when it is your first project, so I don't recommend that if you want a peaceful life!

Anyways, shortly after my husband and I were married, my MIL taught me how to sew and read a pattern. Then after years of trial and error I was able to learn and do more! During this time I also learned to crochet and taught myself how to read those annoying shorthand directions so I could make more than just the basics!

Now I am learning the world of blogs! When I first started this blog I just quickly named it and thought "Ehhh...I can rename it later!"

But to what?

So, now that it is later, ok waaaay later.Try 2 years later, I am in want of my new name! So, this is where the give away and YOU come in!

First WHAT ON EARTH am I giving away? Glad you asked...

No, not the beautiful little gal, but the bandana dress/shirt that she is in. Scroll down to see a few more pics!

Little mama wasn't having anything to do with our photo session, but I still think she is CUTE!

As you can see...on some gals this will be a dress, due to height, but on the rest just a longer shirt. I wouldn't recommend this on anyone that is in anything bigger than maybe a size 8/10 (in girls)! ;)

So come out of the woodwork, or rather cyberspace, and enter to win a Bandana Dress/shirt from me!

Rules, rules...there has got to be rules:

1. You must leave one comment!
2. You have to vote for a new blog name in the upper right corner of this blog, submit a blog name idea or you can do both!

Then I will filter through your blog name ideas, decide which one(s) I really like and place them with the top 3 voted for on the right upper corner of this blog and make a final voting poll with them. So have fun! Look at past posts...get to know what we are like and get creative with the names!

Here are some of the names we like and why...

My not so crummey life~ Crummey was my maiden name (yes I have heard them all so shhh! ;)) and my life isn't so crummy! :)
La bonne vie~ It means "The Good Life" in French. Not that we have a perfect life, but it's still good!
Snips, snails and piggytails~because we have boys and girls and it sounds pretty snazzy!
Dirt & skirts~cause it totally catches a glimpse into my guys and gals as well as our life!
We have kids...now what~I think that explains it all! :)

The Give away will close on Monday, October 12, 2009 at noon! The winner will be announced later that night! Good luck and let the games begin!!!


karen said...

Pick me! Ideas for names. Not happening. But I did vote! Have a great week.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I voted, and you know I have some girls that would look mighty cute in that bandana shirt! I like Snips, Snails, Piggytails.

Sandra said...

I voted for two - couldn't decide which one I liked better. Select me, and K will be wearing the prize OR Lil Man if you have material with cars on it!

kg said...

I voted for two as well. Impressed with your sewing, those are cute tops!

snbjork said...

Definitely a hard choice on the blog title. You have some really cute ideas! I voted for "Dirt and Skirts" but I also really like Snips, Snails, Piggytails. Too cute!

Those shirts are adorable!!! Your girls are so beautiful. I can't believe how grown up they are.

Shannon Carlson said...

Sharon, I love Snips, Snails and Piggytails! That is what I voted for. I couldn't come up with anything I liked better than that.

Jen said...

Cute, cute shirts/dresses!

I voted for Dirt & Skirts--I think it's catchy.

Amy said...

Don't really have much use for the dress except maybe to gift it but it is sooo cute! You are such a talented lady. I did vote for the snips, snails, and piggytales! I love that but dirt and skirts was a close second.

Sara said...

I voted for Snips, Snails, and Piggytails because I like the 3-word flow and the rhyme. Super cute shirts too!

Julie said...

I know what you mean about finding a good blog title! I'll still try to think of something for ya, but I voted for the snips, snails & piggytails for now!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

HA! when I made our blog I named it bannana pudding because that's what I was hungry for!! and I misspelled it on accident, too!

Dirt and skirts!!! Yeah!!

shari said...

snips snails and piggytails!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Snips, snails and piggytails or Dirt and Skirts.

I don't want to win anything...but wanted to say hello. Oh my, how the girls have grown, particularly Bria. She's becoming a big girl.

Love ya sis, Michelle

Birdie said...

I voted too. Snips, snails and piggytails. I too am changing the name on my blog. I couldn't think of anything either. It's hard!!!

T~T said...

I voted - but I do like the name of your blog??

When I started mine I quickly thought of something too and then changed it a few months later to Tiaras & Tantrums - my first name was Hey Honey - how stupid!

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