Last of October

Every year we get together with the family to carve pumpkins a few days before Halloween. Some of them get a little too goofy...pumpkin fumes my friends! :)


When we were getting Laney ready she found my witch hat. I LOVE those leggings! They were only $1 at Target in their $1 section. I HEART Target!


The best part about Halloween is the make-up! I already have next years costumes in mind. Now if only I can talk them into it! :)
 Halloween would NOT be complete without seeing our favorite house in the neighborhood. Complete with haunted house. Now I am NOT one that enjoys scary movies, never have and never will, and I really dislike Haunted houses, but my friend and SIL talked me into going in with them. Lets just say that the older my heart gets the more I will have to decline.
Oh and Cait had to pull a Marie Antoinette pose for us.

Our trick or treating crew minus one 10 yr. old who is well on his way to the teen years ( I am so unprepared)!


Shannon Carlson said...

They all looked so cute! I love Halloween!

Amy said...

Looks like a very fun Halloween! We didn't get to dress up this year since we were on our way home from FL. I miss not doing it. The pumpkin carving party looks like a blast!

Jessica said...

cute kids! ISnt that house spooOky?
Everytime we go on a walk over here the kids have to stop and "pet the birds" on the fence haha.

shari said...

The makeup is so cute! I love Heaths face in the last picture!

kellibattraw said...

I love your new blog and the post too. : )

Sara said...

So what do you want everyone to be next year? I hate haunted houses too and anything scary. I have nightmares for weeks! Also, little Laney with the witch's hat over her face is adorable.

Lisa said...

Looks fun. I love the girls costumes. You are so talented!

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