Quick 2009 Overview

Ok before I start I would like to apologize to those who really did not like the "Sharon Died Today" post. It was all my husband's doing. I had no part in it so you can take the pitch forks and mob lynching his way. Though I have to admit that it was really nice to know that I am loved and would be missed by a few of y'all if I did kick it. ;)

The last several weeks have been quite the whirlwind. Just when you think you'll have a moment to breathe, something else happens. I went to the ER one night due to an ear infection. One minute (ok it really was hour) I was feeling that there was slight fluid build up. The kind you feel when you have a little bit of water in there after you swim. Then the next minute (2 hrs. after, to be precise) it is awful and PAINFUL as all get out. After spending a couple of hours in the ER with one of my best friends, we decided that by the time I get back there, it was a good 6-8 hr wait, the Urgent Care next to our house would be open and I still would most likely get in and out of there at the same time. There was even a guy in there that was in so much pain that he was almost hyperventilating to try and work through it. After 3 hrs. of being there he was STILL waiting himself and was there before I had arrived. That is tame compared what the medical care would be like IF the democrats get their health bill passed.

Anyways, I ended up having a severe middle ear infection. Even the doctor sucked in air as if showing me he felt bad, while looking in my ear. He even stressed the importance of NOT getting on a plane anytime soon.

After all was said and done and I spent tons of $$$ on prescriptions and then our van needed to go in for some repairs. We had to call a tow truck to come and fetch it. Then we went to visit my dad after Christmas. Shortly after returning home the van was having more problems and it ended up that we had to get the transmission rebuilt. So there goes the money I was saving for a new camera and possibly prolonging the new couches we need. BUT at least we have something to drive. So I really am grateful, though it might not seem so. :)

Aside from all those things, I really truly feel that we have been blessed more than we deserve. In 2009 we have:
* been given another child
* given strength to continue supporting our daddy and husband, Tyson through the last few semesters of his MBA program
* endured enjoyed Alyssa's first year (and maybe last) of Competitive Cheer leading
* visited my dad and sister for a couple of weeks and letting Chad spend a few more weeks visiting with the family
* enjoyed a visit with my sister and Aunt here at our house
* sent Heath to his last year of pre-school
* put Bria in her first year of tap, jazz and ballet. She said she wouldn't like tap, but mommy knew better and now that is Bria's FAVORITE form of dancing!
* bought more jeans than you could shake a stick at for each kid because they either get loved a bit too much and holes begin to form as a side effect or because the kids are growing out of them faster than I can keep up! :)
* same as above for shoes. Guess this is their year to grow.
*in November I wrote a 50,000 word novel joining hundreds of other in the NANOWRIMO organization.
* I also sewed 3 vintage dresses for the girls.

Here are the kids through 2009! We are looking forward to 2010, not only because we hope to learn and grow and enjoy life more, but because Tyson will be graduating from Alabama with his Masters in May! YAY!!!

*Chad had fiddler crabs he was given as a science project and his lived for 8 weeks where most kids' lasted 1-4 weeks.
* It was his last pinewood derby and year in cub scouts.
*he played in another piano festival and received Superior in everything.
* he joined the school chess club and enjoyed it, but decided it wasn't his "thing"

*Alyssa learned to ride her bike on 2 wheels.
*only after 2 weeks of having learned how to ride it she tried to do a wheely and ended up kissing the pavement leaving a nasty scrape on her face, arms and legs.
*lost her first tooth and then 4 more!
*donated her hair to "Locks of Luv". She is growing her hair out to do it again!
*She won her class spelling be, took french lessons over the summer and is writing a story
*Bria can still pin Heathy down wrestling!
*She also donated her hair and is growing it out again.
*enjoyed taking french lessons over the summer
*is following in her mother and sisters' footsteps and writing a story on the computer
*Heath is full of energy and life! He keeps us on our toes and LOVES attention. Especially getting people to laugh.
*loves his little sister. At first he wasn't sure, but now he is VERY protective and attentive to her!
*had a best friend move from the neighborhood and was very sad about that, but plays more with his siblings.

*Laney is pulling up on everything now
*crawls from one side of the house to the other rather quickly.
* Has found her hands and claps A LOT!
* sings when we sing to her.
* loves to eat most anything and is now into cheerios.
* now says "momma"!


Shannon Carlson said...

Sounds like you guys had a great year! I can't believe how much of a difference a year makes for a child. I don't feel like I have changed all that much, but look at Laney and Wesley and they are completely different people! Here is to a great 2010!

Sara said...

May is not too far off now! I know you are excited for him to be finished forever! No PhD, right Tyson? So sorry to hear about the van. We keep waiting for Ryan's car to bite the dust any day now. Too bad neither of us have a mechanic in the family!

karen said...

Oh my I feel so bad about the ear. I had know idea! Yikes. Love seeing all the pictures. You know I love those. And like you I am ready for 2010. I sure hope you make it to May. Keep enduring this life.

Wendyrful said...

Love the collage update of the past year! Great job! You will make it to May! We have 2 1/2 yrs left for Bill's PHD! althouh his is on line, except for a long 4-5 day on site class a cople of times a year...

Shaunte' Smith said...

Oh man, that ear infections does not sound good at all! That must have been so painful=(, hope you are feeling better. I do love your recaps of 2009, what a great year!

Organized Nutrition said...

aside from the ear infection and your van sucking all your money! I AM glad that your family had a wonderful year and that Tyson is ALMOST done with school, FOR NOW...LOL! Now it is maybe your turn!
can't wait to see what 2010 brings for your family!!!

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