Still Amazed


This has become one of my favorite pictures of my Lil' Miss! The eyes, the tongue sticking out and the sweet and spicy expression are just priceless and melt my heart even more for this little beauty! There is no questioning... I am in love.

Over the years I have come to love being a mother more than I ever thought was possible. There is nothing that compares to all the good things that come with having children and being a mom. I am still amazed at the things she does and find that I still think I have another that is the cutest and smartest child in the world. Of course I wouldn't be fulfilling my motherly duties if I didn't think those things.


She had her check up at the doctor and she is:
18 lbs. 14 oz.
26 1/2 in. long

I can't believe that Laney is 9 months old, already pulling up on everything, speaking pretty darn cute baby gibberish, singing whenever anyone breaks out in song (it's like a musical at our house everyday. Fun...most of the time) :) and getting into everything her little hands can get into.

She loves to be sung to, play with her brothers and sisters, eat and let me tell you she LOVES her bottle. We shall have fun breaking her from that one (insert heavy sarcasm). She also loves to be read to, play with her little people toys, and Misha (our dog).

We have also been teaching her how to sign, but she usually just looks at you like you have lost it and then...


...she CLAPS!

Even after having 4 other children we are still amazed.


snbjork said...

Wow, I can't believe she's already 9 months either! It seems that it was just a few weeks ago that you were posting pregnancy photos. Time sure flies!

shari said...

that first picture is so cute! You do have great kiddos!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

But how could you not love Laney-bug? She's just so darn cute!

Sara said...

I could kiss her cheeks all day!

kellibattraw said...

your post warmed my heart. : ) She is yet another adorable Horrocks... you guys sure do make cute kids!

karen said...

Oh my. What a doll. I love that Misha lets her play with her. 5 great kids if I say so myself.

Wendyrful said...

Way cute! Time flies, and yes, each one is AMAZING!!!!!

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