Tale End of Our 2009

For Christmas we had Aunt Christy and Uncle Adam come and visit. The kids LOVE them to pieces. Unfortunately we didn't see them a lot because they seemed to be quite popular with all the family in town, but hopefully we can see them more the next time we all visit together.


Laney enjoyed her first Christmas and was more interested in the wrapping paper that fell to the floor from the gifts rather than her actual toys, but in the end she had 2 things that Santa had brought that held her attention!


Her first baby doll which she kept kissing and a mini Misha! LOL It even LOOKS like him.


The day after Christmas the kids and I went on an adventure to see my dad and sister. The words "Are we there, yet?" are forever etched in my brain as well as the 10 million times they asked for a potty break to which I was VERY grumpy because most of the time it was 30 minutes after they had already gone and in the end I eventually started to say "Not for another hour. If you can hold it almost all day long to play then surly you can hold it a bit longer so we can just get to our final destination." Needless to say "Road Trip" is not first on my list of things to do anytime soon! :)

Shortly after we arrived, Alyssa came down with a fever and threw up that night. Bria followed shortly after, then Laney. Chad, Heath and I all had it the week before so we were alright, but my dad ended up with it and it lasted for awhile with him. He says he'll rethink letting us come stay with him in the future. ;)

When everyone was better they all enjoyed exploring and playing in the dirt.








Laney didn't really dig in the dirt, but LOVED being behind the driver's wheel at one of our stops on the way down and Chad is in a phase where he doesn't really want any pics taken of him, but did indeed partake in the digging.

The kids enjoyed seeing all that mother nature had to offer. We saw Buzzards, Fox Squirrels, and some Deer. Chad went hunting this year for the first time ever. He was with my Uncle and they saw several deer. Right before they were going to leave they saw another group of deer come in and they were too far away (75 yds.) to tell if they were does or bucks. Chad looked through the scope on the 22 rifle and my Uncle said "If you're gonna shoot, better do it now." After him saying this a couple of times...POW. The deer fell. My Uncle asked where he got it and Chad simply replied, "In the head." My Uncle thought "yeah, right. Probably in the side or something." then when they got to it, it not only had a nice clean head shot, but was an 8 point buck! My Uncle was pretty excited and talked about how great this boy shoots and how smart he is! I guess BB shooting with cans and milk jugs, and range shooting with his Uncle Jon has paid off. We now have another years supply of meat. I made sure to talk to my kids about eating meat sparingly and not killing animals just because. I don't want my kids making this into a big sport, but I do like that they are learning these skills so that they are self reliant. For days my son had a smile from ear to ear.



Shannon Carlson said...

LOVE the B&W of Bria! And AWESOME that Chad got a deer... venison is one of my favorite meats! I bet he is really proud to have put meat on the table. I know where to go when the world ends!

Sara said...

Amen on the agony of road trips. We max out at about 4 hours and even then the 4 are all miserable.

Way to go, Chad!

shari said...

I wonder how many comments you are going to get about this poor deer? I bet Chad is so proud of himself. He is quite young to have gotten himself a deer already. I agree with Shannons comment. But can Chad use an old Winchester? That's all we have right now.

Organized Nutrition said...

SORRY about the ROAD TRIP! You are a brave woman to take it on alone! AND UGH about all the sickness! Atleast you all got though it and can't get sick again this year, LOL!

Natalie said...

Looks like the kids had a great time in the dirt. Sorry everyone had to be sick, no fun. Laney looks precious with her first baby doll.

Julie@Tales of Two T's said...

What great pics! Love the little logo you put on them too.

My dad would be SO jealous about the deer. He's been hunting for months, but the weather's been so weird he hasn't seen anything.

Your blog looks cute too! :)

Kimberly Cone said...

I have to show this to Austin. He will think it's so cool. I am not that into hunting but I know Asher will probably want to try it some day. The pic of Bria is gorgeous!

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