Fun in the Sun

The kids have enjoyed the summer in the water! Thanks to our friend, Mrs. Carey, who taught them lessons for a week and to B & K, whom I have known since both were in their mama's womb, for watching Laney during those lessons so I could keep up with Mr. Heath-man. We have also enjoyed time with a few friends and their pools!


Well, this little beauty LOVED the water so much that she almost jumped out of my arms to go splashing on her own.

It didn't take long for her to mess in her swim diaper, but never fear, mommy was near (and nothing got outside of the diaper)! We cleaned her up and changed her into the 2nd one, I so smartly packed. Then after a few minutes in the water I thought, "Wow! She is getting a HUGE bum from this one. I thought they didn't absorb water!" I took her out and changed her into her diaper and regular clothes finding out along the way that this mommy who thought she was grabbing another swim diaper, had in fact grabbed a PULL-UP! ha ha! Can you tell we really haven't had a lot of pull-up use in our home? In my defense, the pull-ups were with the swim diapers. ;)


Bria loved swim lessons and gained so much confidence on the first day that when she went to the neighbor's house to swim she thought she could do it all by herself and fell off the shallow end ledge not really knowing how to get out of it. It happened to be where the mom couldn't see her, but Chad did and rescued his lil' sis! I told him that I was proud of him, but to be sure and yell "(insert name) is underwater!" then go be the knight in shining armor. That way an adult knows to help cause you never know how panicked the person will be and they very well could take you under with them.


He wanted to be the first to take Laney in! Such a sweet big brother!


Chad did really well trying to change old swimming habits and is becoming a stronger swimmer. Never know maybe he will be a lifeguard in the future.


Look who is not only ADORABLE in her first swimsuit, but is WALKING!!! Ok, walking most of the time. She still fancies crawling, but soon she'll realize that walking is faster and better! :)


Heath had to use a float most of the time because he really thinks he can swim, but can't. Growing up my uncle's would toss us in the water and we had to sink or swim, all my siblings and cousins survived, so they learned to swim! :) But my dad wouldn't let anyone do that to me, so I was about 8 before my dad taught me how to swim freestyle. I was the baby of the family to help you understand my daddy's logic. We won't do that to Heath though. We have been working with him when we go as a family.


These two are inseparable! They crack me up cause they fight the most, but play the most together. Siblings! :)


I enjoyed the water too (and I will spare you a view in the suit), but was mostly stuck in the baby pool with Laney since they aren't allowed in the big pool with swim diapers, or pull-ups even when it is by mistake. :) But a good portion of my body hasn't seen the light of day in a really, really long time, so within an hours worth of time I was pretty burned. I guess I need to get out more. ;)


Finally, I will leave you with the view we saw the most...


We seriously need a new suit for the boy who is eating us out of house and home, but still losing weight!

After we packed the kids up to go home, my friend Stacey and I, were left carrying a load of stuff out to the car. Off in the distance her youngest was rounding up 20-30 geese. Heath thought this was so cool and he took off. Running so fast that his shorts fell to his knees, but he kept on going! We got such a good laugh out of that cause even after he stopped to talk to the other kids, he ignored his drawers! Then Chad was telling him he didn't want to die young, so Heath better pull his pants up!

I love that kid! Spice people! That is what he adds to our lives! :)


Shannon Carlson said...

Who did their swim lessons? I am looking for someone to teach Ella for a week before we go to Florida. let me know?

kg said...

Babies in swim suits are the best! And I LOVE your new blog look, the sun, the rain, the rain bows, the kites...perfect!!! and I love your banner pic :)

kellibattraw said...

Adorable! : )

Wendyrful said...

What fun! I lvoe all the pic's! Love the babyfat rolls on her legs! bet that will start to go away now that sh's up and walking! Heath's swim suit... that cracked me up! What a great big brother Chad is. Glad they all had fun and learned lots! I want to do that!

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