Summer & Nature

Ahhhh, summer and nature! I love going outside and seeing these beauties.

I spy with my little eye...ad bug! Can you spot him? I didn't realize there was one on the flower until I put the pictures on the computer, but they are still pretty, bug and all.


Then after seeing my beauties this was the next view, walking to the back yard...


 Right at the entrance of our gate where the kids run in and out during the day. These are Gray Rat Snakes or you can call them Chicken snakes.

Growing up here in the south, snakes were killed by any way possible. My dad killed many a copper head with a hoe or shovel. As my dad always has said, "A good snake is a dead snake." This coming from a man who has seen at least three or four rattlers a year since childhood and a countless amount of copperheads, moccasins and cotton mouths. Usually you don't have time to identify them to know if they are poisonous or not. Especially when they blend into nature so well. So, can you guess what came outta my mouth after seeing these two? There really are two, but it was hard to get a pic of both heads at the same time.


"Kill 'em! Where's the shovel?" Then all the kids freaked out at me saying that we should spare them...yadda, yadda, yadda. Daddy sided with them. I lost, but not fully.


 Eventually these two love birds decided to sneak in our garage making a home for a few days until we found them thanks to our cat. Nadia wouldn't go near one part of the garage and that is where we found them. It took Tyson and Chad a long time to corral them in a box and set them free in the back. It would have taken seconds to use the shovel method, but to tell you the truth I was even rethinking my death plans because they kept staring me down and I felt scared were kinda cute in a weird snake-like way.

We all came to a compromise that if they came back into the garage we would give them one more chance but after that we would put that shovel to good use. They haven't been back, so all is well with mother nature. ;)


Kim Mayfield said...

I so would have been yelling, "KILL 'EM!!". Gives me the heeby-jeebies just thinking about them. You are much kinder than I.

Sara said...

Yuck! I despise snakes and feel panicky even when seeing them in pictures. I'll be sure to watch my step the next time I'm over!

Quincy Sorensen said...

I am a bit mortified. Keep your shovel close by! :)

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