Ahhhh , to be young again

Tonight I had a party at my house. A party with several 16 year olds. I am their teacher at church and I have to say that I LOVE them. They are great kids in so many ways. All of them.

After my kids spent the first ten mintues or so showing off to the "cool teens",  we moved into the living room where we talked and laughed. We joked, laughed and watched a movie. Then we told stories, laughed and played a game. Then to top it all off we ate ice cream and laughed some more.

I wish that I would have taken pictures, but I was having too much fun to even think about it. We watched the "Samuel the Lamanite" Liken the Scriptures DVD...so good! They even liked them too. Then we played a review game of all the things that we have learned so far in our Sunday School class from the Old Testament. I had played this game once before with my kids in a Family Home Evening to review the subject that we had been learning that month. It was a success and my kids amazed us with their ability to remember everything that we had taught them because the subject matter was pretty heavy for their ages. More on that another time.

I took index cards and wrote bowl, spoon and topping on them. Though I omitted the topping one from tonight's game so that it went a little faster. Instead they automatically got a topping.

Then made enough index cards labeled "Bowl" and "spoon" for each person playing so that each had a chance to earn those things by answering the question correctly. All of them had to answer one together to earn their ice cream. They got a couple of lifelines (a friend and a scriptures one) and were timed when using those (gave them 2 min.). In the end only one went without a spoon, but after him being such a good sport, I let him have one. :)  We even played a game called "Signs". This one takes longer to explain so if you want to know the rules let me know and I will do a post on it.

We somehow got on the subject of year books and they wanted to see mine because I told them that I have one with some very embarressing and incriminating stuff in it. Such as "I love Danny" or I wrote to myself as if he had written me and plagiarized his name. Now THAT is embarrassing! :) I was in the fifth grade. So no judging people! ;)


Me in 5th grade. I am top left.


Hmmmm, can you guess which one is Danny? lol I first met him in second grade. We were boyfriend/ girlfriend for awhile or rather on and off through those years (so much male/female drama at such a young age), but somewhere along the line in fifth grade he met another girl named, Brandy. It was so sad. 

Oh, and the kid circled on his left was my boyfirend, Shane, in 6th grade. Ha ha! I think I had more boyfriends in Elementary and Middle School than in High School. Now that is sad! :)

  I have a yearbook for every year since that grade. It was neat to take a walk down memory lane and see myself as a kid and my friends at the time. They had fun looking at that one and my senior one. I don't usually have an excuse to go back down memory lane like that, but it was fun and I am sure now I will have to do a little more of that with my kids getting older.


Here is me my Senior Year. Top row, second from right.

We all agreed that we should definitely do another party because it was a hit! It is weird to think that I am almost double their age...I am OLD!!! Ahhhh, to be young again! :)


kg said...

Wow, you're the "cool" Sunday School teacher!

hope said...

Thinking the same thing!! LOL

Birdie said...

I love Signs!!!! Awesome game!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

ha ha! Sharon, you were a middle school heartbreaker!

Sara said...

Fun party! I agree--teenagers are so fun to hang out with. Great game ideas. I may have to ask you more about the details!

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