One step forward, Two steps back & P90


This is me right before a HOT date I had recently with my main squeeze (and look at my heels *eeek* I love them). By this point (3 weeks of exercise) I had lost an entire dress size by doing the P90 workouts and was sporting my smaller sized jeans.

During this day I somehow did something that caused my back to go out. Back track just a little, my back has been having some problems on and off for about a year, but this time (and I think it was a yoga stretch, some vacuuming and mopping that did it) it was the straw that broke the camels back (Hi, my name is Sharon and I am married to a pun-a-holic).

It was a long weekend of pain, in my lower back, where I ended up being laid out with pain meds and a patch that went over the sore area. It felt like fire and ice. It was hard to get used to.

I was so sad after going to the Chiropractor that I had to give up my week of P90 (which turned out to be two weeks). Have you ever had something happen that messed up goals that you were trying to attain?

It. Is. Frustrating! Its like taking one step forward and two steps back.

Now that I am on the mends I can do my videos again which is great, but it is always harder to get back on track once you have gotten off the beaten path.

For those who don't know what P90 is, can go here. Basically it is a series of workout videos designed so that you go at your own pace and level. Turning up the notch when you are ready. It is also designed so that you never plateau in your weight loss efforts. There are a few more from the same company like P90X that is a step up (I am pretty sure there are more too).

Everywhere I turned to about info on these DVD's someone was telling me that you about die in the first five minutes. Well I did the Fat Burner bonus DVD and LOVED it! Even my kids jumped in and gave it a try. Chad thought the guy, Tony, was goofy and weird. While Heath was just plain NOT interested, but the girls and I thought Tony was funny. The girls loved it so much that they would be all giggles during a few intense moves.I was quite entertained.

Then I did the actual Fat Burning and Sculpting vids. I WANTED TO DIIIE! Man, are they hard, but if you take your time and pace yourself you won't want to die like I did.

So, I am going to be posting here to record my "Last 15 pounds" Journey and give a final review of these videos.

Just as a side note, I will not be doing the supplements. I am just changing some eating habits and exercising.

I am also a little camera shy due to the baby love that I received 5 times over. It has settled around the middle, sides, thighs and bummage areas. So, I will post pics when I am braver of the befores and afters (in modest attire). Til then you only get the measurements...UGH! Even that is painful!

Month 1 (August 24th, 2010) Measurements:
                     Actual Measurements:                                                      Goal Measurements:
                     Bust:       36 inches                                                              Bust:       34 inches
                     Waist:     31 inches                                                              Waist:     26 inches
                     Hips:       36 inches                                                              Hips:      34 inches

So, wish me luck!


hope said...

Good luck, Sharon! I, too, have been successful at a current weight-loss goal. I also have 15-20 left. I am not doing the P90 or anything fancy, but what I have been doing is working, so I am happy with it. Best of luck!!

karen said...

Yeah for you and your back. I am loving your picture. So fun.

kellibattraw said...

You can do it Sharon. Thanks for the additional motivation. I've thought about P90 before... maybe some day. : )

Sarah (and a few others) said...

You can do it!! But, you know, you already are a hot momma!

shari said...

I just read somewhere that when we start on a journey to doing anything positive the universe does conspire against us. It's the opposition in the journey that makes us stronger. It's awesome how you just keep focusing on the positive and knowing you, your fabulous figure is right around the corner. You rock!!!

shari said...

ps I love the sconces in your hall

Julie said...

You look fabulous! Congrats on the weight loss! Thank you SO much for posting a link to what P90 is! I keep seeing people write about it on FB & I was clueless! I'll have to check it out. Sorry about your back...so glad it's healing! Hope you enjoyed date night!

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