Letters of Love

Today I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood since my cousin tagged me in some High School pictures on facebook, so I went through my box of goodies from the past that are tucked neatly away in a special box in my closet. It was bitter-sweet because those are days that I can never relive again. However I am grateful for those precious memories and the many dear friends I had at the time (and those I am still able to keep in contact with), that I am able to have forever in my heart.


During my memory reliving moment I stumbled upon these letters of love that my husband had my friends write me and give to me on my 23rd birthday. I had barely come home from the store to people waiting for me in the driveway or pulling in to either stay and hang out for my birthday or hand a letter off to me because they had already had previous engagements.

There were so many kind words in those letters that filled my heart as I re-read them today. I needed that. Sometimes life can just be so hard. Especially when you are feeling lonely, see who you really are, what you would like to become and that the two don't quite match up the way you would like or see all the undone in things in your life or home, that need tending to.

Though many at the time may not have known it, those were some dark days for me. I was going through depression. Battling my past and current situation at that time. I had come from a broken home and some hard knocks from life. I was painfully shy and felt that I had no talents, that I wasn't good enough or pretty.

I remember that night when I opened the letters and read, I felt humbled. I didn't know that people had thought I was kind, sweet, beautiful, loving, very giving and other qualities I had hoped to one day attain because I knew that there was so much more that I could do and I felt as if I was falling short. I also wasn't used to people expressing those things to me. I myself have a hard time letting others know how I truly feel about them.

These letters helped put a little more light into my darkness. They helped me begin on a journey of self  discovery/acceptance and I am forever grateful to those who wrote these letters to me almost 10 years ago and for all that have sent me sweet messages, periodically since. I think in our day and age it is easy to ask people for things, send small texts of questions or concerns, but we forget the art of taking the time to craft a letter by hand letting people know we love and appreciate them.

So today I send out a challenge to all those who may read this blog (and it may be few, but that is okay. :)). My challenge is to take the time to write at least one little note to someone (or more someones) that you admire, love or need to let know that you are there during their time of challenge. It really does make a world of a difference when you go out to your mailbox, find a letter to you knowing that someone took time out of their life to show you love.  Life is too short and too hard to go on without letters of love.


Natalie said...

I enjoyed reading this post Sharon! I am a fan of snail mail. Makes my day to see something in the mailbox! Thanks for the challenge.

danakat said...

Lovely post!
I always love your bday gatherings! And were ever really 23???

I accept your challenge. :)

Stacey said...

Love your post, Sharon. What a great idea. We could all use some words of love and encouragement sometimes. You are great!

kellibattraw said...

I must be meant to do this because I was thinking about it just the other day. Let me start by saying that it's hard for me to imagine that someone as beautiful, warm, talented, and giving as you could ever have felt insecure! You're great Sharon!

Amy said...

That is a cool idea to have people write you letters. I'm glad they still give you a boost on tough days.

Karen said...

Ahhh. Sharon, you are so wonderful. I'll take that challenge. Letters are so important.

Sara said...

I love going through old pics and letters. It's amazing what one sweet note can do to help someone. Great challenge idea!

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