On A Cold and Rainy Day We...


...sent a certain little girl to Grandma's to make a pillowcase. She did the sewing and Grandma did the pressing and cutting.


She returned a happy girl, til I told her she had to finish her report on her chosen mammal. :)


...finished 6 loads of laundry. Now I can stop hearing "I have no pants!" At least we know they aren't hurting for undies.


...tried to get the piggies to come out, but Oreo was too cozy in his house. He and I used to have a good rapport.


Scamper, usually the shy one, did come out when he saw me coming over to him. When he hears my voice he starts squeaking for me. It makes me happy! Until I realize he's only in it for the food. ;) Okay he just might love me a little.


...get our little sister up from her nap. She is always pretty happy to see a beloved sibling. It melts my heart.



...enjoy watching Laney play while we sit back, relax after our long eventful day and take pictures.


Apparently it is supposed to snow again this week, Thursday night. I hope for just another cold and rainy day. :)


kg said...

What, snow again! Noooo. That pillow case is adorable!

hope said...

Love the pillow case! Cold rainy days are not my fave, but that is probably because mine don't quite go like this anymore. :(

kellibattraw said...

I need a grandma like that! Do you think she'd teach me how to sew? :)

Karen said...

I love the fabric. SO fun.

Sara said...

The pillowcase is darling.What a fun activity to do a rainy day! I usually just bake on rainy days and it's not good for the waistline!

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