Photostory Friday: The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

For two weeks our home has seemed to unwillingly embrace chaos, but unfortunately, embrace it we did.  No matter how much we parents tried to change it, it seemed to get worse. My morning sickness and husbands long hours at work did not help, I am sure. Then, much to our dismay, an open rebellion began. Even Miss Laney-bug joined ranks. Stinker! :) We used to think we were outnumbered with three? Boy, were we sooo wrong. :)

Talking back, breaking regular everyday rules and fighting amongst each other over space and  possessions (hmmm, sound politically and internationally familiar? Amazing how much much we evolve from childhood :)) was becoming an everyday occurrence here at our home. What were we going to do? We took privileges away and even sent kids to bed early (nice for me :)), but it wasn't solving the problem, it was masking it by allowing them to endure the consequences and not take full ownership on their own actions because we were being reactive instead of proactive. Kind of like when a road clearly needs work and all the city keeps doing is patchwork, which in the end does no one any good because if it had been done right the first time it would have been less stress on all involved and made for a more pleasant journey from the beginning.

We needed to nip this rebellion in the bud and fast! Over time we have allowed ourselves to be more lax in somethings that we should not have. Our discipline needed a make-over. So, we assigned more chores to do rather than taking every privilege under the sun away and assigned an essay on "Obeying and Honoring Our Parents". The boys still need to finish theirs, but the girls did and I have to say, in a completely unbiased way *wink, wink*, they did a pretty darn good job! :)


Here is Bria's (7 yr. old):

There is a prophet named Moses. He brought the Ten Commandments to us. One of the commandments is to honor and obey our parents. We children in the world have a hard time doing that so here are some definitions:

Obedians (her spelling)-means you listen to them and do as they say.
Honor- It means you don't be mean to them.

Here is Alyssa's (10 yr. old):

Long ago an Isrilite gave us ten commandments, one was to honor and obey our parents. Us kids struggle with that. That is a real problem and maybe its because we don't know the meaning of honor and obedience. So here are the definitions:

Obedience- Doing what you are told.

Honor- Great respect, a person or thing that brings credit.

Referencing the Scriptures, Alyssa continued.

Here is what happens when you obey or disobey:

                 Obey:                                                                              Disobey:
           * healed                                                                             *wounded
           *protected                                                                        *poisoned
           *blessed                                                                             *die
           *given an easy life                                                         *infected
           *innocent                                                                           *guilty
           *raised from the dead

After reading through the essays and talking with each kid individually I realized that this is what our family has needed. Unfortunately it took a rebellion to get there, but it is what it is and we used two of the greatest weapons God has given us, love and the pen because we all know that when used with love the pen is mightier than the sword.

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kellibattraw said...

What a great idea Sharon. Now, if I can remember it for the future... : )

Sarah (and a few others) said...

You're such a great teacher!!

Krystyn said...

What a great idea and lesson. We've had chats about obedience before and that God commands us to obey our parents, but not quite with this success! Maybe 4 is a little early to have to write it down and tell us what she means.

So glad it worked for you.

Karen said...

Good for you and your family. It's so hard sometimes. Hope things get better soon.

Buckeroomama said...

What a great idea! I will give it a go with my 6yo next time. :)

kg said...

Very clever and I enjoy your writing too...

Stacey said...

Love, love, love your creative parenting! Can we borrow your idea?

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