Bria is 8!!!


Bria is the third child. It was a beautiful sunny day on tax day, 8 years ago when I had her. She was the easiest labor and delivery for me (if there is really such a thing). Weighing in at 6 pounds 13 ounces. When she cried she sounded like a kitten. She had a perfectly round head with tons of hair and was so cuddly. I was smitten!

She was a calm baby, active toddler and she has been a precocious little gal with a big heart! Here is a little about Bria in her own words.

I am.
I am . . .a child of God
I think…my mom is a good mom
I want . . .a camera
I have . . .a dog
I miss . . .my toy giraffe
I fear . . .the dark
I feel . . .happy
I hear . . .Laney growling at daddy
I smell . . .lemon
I crave . . .mac-n-cheese (she could live off the stuff with PB&J sandwiches)
I cry…when I get hurt
I search . . .the truth
I wonder . . .what I am going to get for my birthday
I regret . . .hitting Heath with a plastic glow stick and leaving a mark
I wish . . .I had my own dog
I love . . .Misha (our HUGE dog)
I care . . .about my mom
I always . . .go outside
I worry . . .about my siblings getting hurt (believe me, she does! She has refused to camp near water for fear that Laney will get hurt)
I am not . . .baby
I remember . . .going to Jesup to see my family
I believe . . .that the Scriptures are true
I know . . .my family loves me
I sing . . .really well (No modesty...gets it from my hubby's side of the family :))
I don’t always . . .like to be left out
I argue . . .with Heath
I write . . .songs for the piano
I lose . . .my toys (cause she takes them everywhere-she says she doesn't...riiiiight)
I listen . . .to the pitter patter of the rain
I can . . .almost do a cartwheel
I need . . .to improve my drawing
I forget . . .where I need to go when my mom sends me somewhere (like to go do chores)
I am happy . . .when I snuggle with my mom

We all LOVE this girl! She is sugar and spice and if you couldn't tell, a mommy's girl! Life is a brighter place with her here.


Natalie said...

She's 8??!! WOW! Happy Birthday Bria! What a sweet little girl.

Dawn, said...

Gotta love a little (or a lot) of spunk in a gal... makes watching them conquer their world all that more entertaining!! Happy Birthday Bria!!

Lisha said...

What a fun birithday post! Happy birthday, Bria, can't wait to see you at Activity Days!

Karen said...

Oh how I love this girl. I remember her as baby. She was just like a little kitten. Amazing how they grow.

Kris and Megan said...

I love the idea of having her finish the sentence- I did that with my class when I taught 4th grade but it would be AWESOME to do with kids every year and see how it changes. Great idea. Bria sounds like a lot of fun! Are you guys coming to the reunion after all? And congrats on #6 by the way! hope you're feeling well!!

Shaunte' said...

What a special age... Bria is such a sweet girl, Happy Birthday!

Quincy Sorensen said...

I love that she wrote her own "I Am" poem. That is a beautiful picture. Happy birthday, Bria!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Awww, happy Birthday Bria!! We love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you Bria, Boo! Happy Birthday. Glad you got to spend it at the temple.

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday, Bria! Hope it was a good one!

Amy said...

Love that picture (did you take it?) and I love all that "in her own words". Very insightful to her personality, etc. Really neat. Happy 8th to Bria!

Sara said...

Cute poem! She is such a sassy, spunky girl with such a big heart. Happy Birthday Bria!

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