Mama's Boy is 5!!!


By the time this post is published I will be hundreds of miles away on my little boy's birthday. I am sad that we won't be the first to smother him with B-day kisses, hugs and well wishes on that special day, but I am grateful that we were able to celebrate together at his favorite restaurant, Chic-A-Lay (as he says) before we left.

It wasn't long ago that we sat in the hospital in a room next door to our friends, that were getting induced the same time as we were, waiting to meet our new little ones. We chatted happily on the phone to each other and when the phone calls to the rooms stopped we both knew that happy time was over for awhile. ;) Several hours later the phone calls returned stating our labor stories and times of our deliveries. I wish I had a pic of us to post, but the picture we ended up taking didn't turn out too well.

Little Heath was finally here and our family never felt more complete! For the longest time I thought he was going to be my last kid and we spent 4 years, just he and I. I was the only one that he would sit down and snuggle with for long periods of time. He was and still is a mama's boy. I would be lying if I said that I didn't LOVE that and eat up every moment of it! I have felt the sadness and relief that one feels when it is their last, but was happy when we found out we were pregnant again with little Laney! Now I will still have someone at home that will keep me going and on my toes!

Heath has given me a run for my money (I think he has peed and been naked over every inch of our yard), taught me that its not all from parenting...sometimes it is just their personality (like sneaking food under the end table between couches when I told him no more candy) and he has brought much laughter into our lives Read here and here for a taste of his personality. In a nutshell our lives have never been the same and I am daily grateful for that and for the piece of the puzzle that was put perfectly in its place, by him coming down to be in our family.

I am sad that Laney won't be able to see him as much as she does now come Fall of 2010. They have definitely built a special bond over this past year. Heath can get her laughing like no other and he is always so kind as to stuff her face whether she likes it or not. :)


He has also been Misha's partner in crime, 24/7, since he was 1. Misha never ate so good like he did when Heath was little...he still sneaks Misha a bite or two, but has gotten better. (This pic was taken when Heath was 2 and Misha was 1...Misha's 8o  pound days and for those who would like to know, Misha is now at a whopping 126 LBS.)


I am sad at times over another kid venturing off into the world and becoming more independent, but I also am enjoying the maturity that comes with it. The bonds that I have gained with my children are irreplaceable and I love every minute of the laughter, joking and little moments that we share together.

Happy #5 Heath-man! We LOVE you and can't wait to see you when we return!!!


karen said...

Oh how weird it is for me to know that Heath is 5. It seems like yesterday. I sure hope he has a great birthday!

danakat said...

Happy Birthday, Heath!!!
He is SUCH a funny kid. And I have never heard such great pee stories in my life. :)

Amy said...

Happy big 5, Heath! So exciting. They grow too fast.

Can't wait for pics of your trip.

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